I started out in the late 60`s, first at Newcastle Upon Tyne college of Art studying oriental pottery and learning to throw on a Leach treadle wheel, and then continued at Northumberland college where the emphasis was on modern European and American ceramics. I began teaching in London in 1971. It was an exciting time with the international ceramics exhibition at the Tate and many visits to the British museum. It was while backpacking in Greece that summer that I first encountered Minoan pottery with its refined forms and rhythmical decoration. Many of these early influences can be seen in my work. My ceramics have a precision of form which is combined with the organic qualities found in ancient firing techniques. The spontaneity of the fire breathes life into the work. My workshop is based on the beautiful island of Fur in northern Jutland.
I have exhibited widely in England and Scandinavia, Tokyo and European cities including Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris.